About Us

DeGame Labs is an independent game development company, utilizing remote working methodology and therefore considers itself a global, decentralized, multinational and multicultural organization. We have bases in Florida, US and in Istanbul, Turkey, with more companies and locations coming soon.

Dozens of talented people from the US, Japan, China, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Iran, Russia, Portugal, Bangladesh, Ukraine, France, India, Australia, Macedonia, Sweden, South Korea, Mexico and Ecuador (and probably the list of countries extended even more by the time you read these lines) joined the team.

We are proud of our multicultural team! We all believed in web3 and the vision and we were working hard to bring an epic games with solid blockchain features to you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in Blockchain Technology by 2026 and generating superior quality services and ultramodern solutions. We keep an eye on new market trends and room for growth, offering constant innovation and transformation to the industry and the economy.