Welcome to DEGAME LABS

Let’s build the future together.

Here, we are all excited about web3, metaverse, NFTs, games and decentralized finances which are built on top of blockchain technology.

Blokchain powered


We are experienced at coding Web3 Clients & Solidity Contracts

2D & 3D


We use Unity to create beautiful characters and environments.

Social Media


We are active in social media to reach wider audience.

Why we are the GOOD AT WEB3?

Find our our special unique features

Serving various niches while prepping for the future-ready metaverse and helping everyone understand the potential powers of virtual reality.

Custom Animation Framework

We are developing high performance animation framework to prepare our games for the future.

Mobile optimized

Improved Mobile optimized layouts and special Mobile options to make different look for our games in all platforms

Character variants

We create unique characters and assets by using different variants which make the users more connected with game.

Fast speed

Our gaming framewrok uses special conditional asset loading. it means that all assets and scripts are generated on fly.

We are partners with well-known technology and infrastructure leaders to enable low cost and high productivity. We work with our partners to deliver solutions that address complex business challenges by removing regulatory compliance barriers while accelerating business growth. We build an ecosystem of highly dedicated professionals using ultra-edge technologies and a cloud environment.

Welcome to DeGame Labs Metaverse Hackathon

It’s a chance to create a unique virtual world in the Metaverse. Make use of your creative imagination and advanced technology to solve any of the two metaverse challenges.


We have a global, decentralized, multinational and multicultural organization.

Founder-CEO, Computer Engineer

Questions and answers


Do you give service to customers?

No, we just develop our games and software to serve the best experience for our users.


What’s your current project?

Our current project is a web3 MMORPG game Ghost In Town which has it’s own coin and metaverse.


What is your future plans?

We are planning to create a metaverse for animal humanoids where you can select your avatar and take part of this Animalz Universe.

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  • What’s the future of the metaverse?

    What’s the future of the metaverse?

    Facebook is one of the loudest voices for the creation of a unified metaverse. This is particularly interesting for a crypto-powered metaverse due to Facebook’s Diem stablecoin project. Mark Zuckerberg has explicitly mentioned his plans to use a metaverse project to support remote work and improve financial opportunities for people in developing countries. Facebook’s ownership…

  • Metaverse examples

    Metaverse examples

    While we don’t yet have a single, linked metaverse, we have plenty of platforms and projects similar to the metaverse. Typically, these also incorporate NFTs and other blockchain elements. Let’s look at three examples: SecondLive ‌SecondLive is a 3D virtual environment where users control avatars for socializing, learning, and business. The project also has an…

  • Crypto & metaverse

    Crypto & metaverse

    Gaming provides the 3D aspect of the metaverse but doesn’t cover everything needed in a virtual world that can cover all aspects of life. Crypto can offer the other key parts required, such as digital proof of ownership, transfer of value, governance, and accessibility. But what do these mean exactly? If, in the future, we…

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